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Carl Bretko

The Treasurer functions as the Club’s CFO and works with the Controller and General Manager to oversee the financial side of the Club’s operation.  His/her duties as described in the Bylaws below include supervision of collecting, disbursing all funds, member payments and budgeting.  He/she traditionally chairs the Finance Committee and provides a Treasurer’s Report and financial statements to the Board monthly.  He/she and the Finance Committee also have primary responsibility for conducting the annual audit and tax return preparation.

The Treasurer is responsible for receiving and disbursing Club funds and maintaining accurate financial records, and issues membership cards after collecting fees and dues, as prescribed by the Board of Directors.  The Treasurer is also responsible for notifying any member that becomes delinquent in paying money due the Club and advises the Board of Directors when any member is in arrears.  The Treasurer presents the operating statement to the Board each month.

The Treasurer also chairs the Finance Committee.  This committee, which functions under the supervision of the Rear Commodore, is responsible for budgeting, auditing, bonding and other fiscal matters.  This committee is required to report at each Board meeting, and when considered appropriate, recommends procedures to insure the Club is financially operated in a prudent manner.

Carl Bretko has been married to Barbara for 50 years; They lived in Connecticut, Michigan, Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania before retiring to NW Bradenton in 2010. They have sailed together since 1972. Carl and Barbara have three children and five grandchildren.