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The Catch Board

Click Here to Download the Catch Board Application The catch board is a long standing tradition among anglers, particularly those who are in clubs. From the era of bamboo rods and Van Hoff reels came the early catch boards hanging in historic places ranging from the southern West Palm Beach Fishing Club to the northern South Fork Fishing and Hunting Club and out west to the historic Avalon Tuna Club. We are keeping this tradition alive at the Bradenton Yacht Club whose original charter, unlike most other Yacht Clubs, provides for a Fleet Captain of Sportfishing. More of our members participate in fishing than any other sport.

Our intent is to perpetuate the ethical sportsmanship that has traditionally surrounded the sport. Our own Crosthwait Memorial tournament stresses honorable competition and camaraderie amongst like minded individuals. In keeping with this our catch board values the honor system is purposefully stressed further promoting this important ideal.
"It is better to deserve honors and not have them than to have them and not deserve them." Mark Twain.

The Bradenton Yacht Club catch board rules and guidelines are as follows. The Fleet Sportfishing Committee will have final say in all matters.

The BYC ethic is; “When in doubt our anglers don’t count it”
• IGFA Rules, Florida & Federal Laws apply in all categories.
• 100% honor system applies, Measurements only - no weights, Junior ("J") category 14 and younger. Photos on a measuring board is encouraged.
• Billfish & Tarpon release only. A release is as defined by the IGFA.
• All circle hook tournament guidelines and laws are adhered to.
• All catch is reported in inches rounded up at or beyond the 1/2 inch mark. (ie; 15 & 1/2 inches = 16 inches) All measurements nose to tail. Do not pinch the tail.
• A signed catch application must accompany each entry, entry must be made within 21 days of the catch. Catch = Release