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As of June 21, 2018
1. ORGANIZING AUTHORITY:    The Location Hosting the event

2. ELIGIBILITY: This series is open to all WFPHRF members. There is no fee or registration for 
entering this series.

3. CLASS BREAKS: In an effort to provide “like racing” under PHRF, boat displacement and other 
factors may be considered when determining class breaks for this series. Class breaks for the 
divisions will be assigned by West Florida PHRF, Inc., and their decision is final and is not 
subject to a request for redress. There are 4 primary groups covered by this Notice of Series.
RACER CRUISER-See Note 1 below CRUISER-See Note 2 below

4. Boats with Cruiser Rating Certificates that sail in a Non-Spinnaker Class for a particular event 
will be scored in the Cruiser Class BOTY Series only when a Cruiser Class is not available. Every 
effort will be made to score all of the boats in a BOTY class against all other boats in that 
class. If however, in the opinion of the BOTY Committee, the course sailed or the time of the 
starts is sufficiently different, the scores will be based on each competitor's position within its 
own division. The number of trophies for each class/division will be based on the number of boats 
“qualifying” for the series.
Number of Qualifiers           Trophies
3                        2

5 or more                 3
• This series will be scored on the Traditional High Point Scoring System.
• Qualification for the series- the Competitor must race in at least 60% of the regattas held in 
the series rounded up at and after .50
• All boats properly entered and checked in with the race committee at the start of a race in a 
Regatta will receive 5 participation points per regatta.
• Scoring- The boats score will be her overall assigned fleet position for her class/division at 
the end of the regatta.
SPINNAKER CLASS only will be split into THREE DIVISIONS. Division “A” will consist of PHRF ratings 
of up to 79. Division “B” will consist of PHRF ratings of 80-115, and Division “C” will consist of 
PHRF ratings from 116 and higher. If there are more/less divisions at a regatta (on the scratch 
sheet) the divisions will be re-scored by the Rating Band listed

• The Total Score for the Series will be the sum of the boats best scores in 70% of the Regattas 
held in the Series rounded up at and after .50.
(I.e. ~ 10 regattas held ~ 70% equals = 7 best regatta scores).
• Points for DNF and DNS will equal 1 Point
• Points for any DSQ and DNC (vessel not entered or did not compete in a particular regatta) will 
equal 0.
• Any ties will be broken at the end of the series, and all regattas will be included in the tie 
breakers. Participation points will not apply.
• Overall Assigned Fleet Positions will be scored as follows: US Sailing example:
Race Scores – Define “N” to be the number of boats that compete in a race in the same class. Each 
boat finishing that race and not thereafter retiring or being disqualified will be scored as 
20 Boats in a class:
Finishing Place        Score
First                            =N                   20pts
Second                         =N-1                19
Third                           =N-2                18
Fourth                         =N-3                17
Each Place Thereafter             Subtract 1

** Note on changing classes at different regattas: you only earn BOTY points toward the class that 
you compete in. If you change your racing class during the BOTY series, you may not meet the 
qualification threshold for your primary class.

Note 1 – RACER CRUISER CLASS: See APPENDIX F of the WFPHRF Rules for details of restrictions and 
limitations for this class

Note 2 – CRUISING CLASSES: This group consists of both “Pocket” & “Cruisers” as identified by the 
endorsements on the boats Rating Certificates.

Note 3- ONE DESIGN CLASS CERTIFICATES: Any WFPHRF member whose boat is part of an “Established 
One-Design Fleet” may choose to use that fleet’s “Class Equipped” certificate in lieu of the boat’s 
certificate for an event as noted below.
To be an “established” One-Design Fleet, the class must have requested a “One-Design Certificate” 
at least 2 weeks before the event and provided a schedule of all BOTY Series events that the 
certificate will be used for at that time. This is to be used primarily for boats such as the J-105 
class whose class configuration is significantly different than the normal “PHRF” configuration.


Suncoast Boat of the Year Schedule 2017-2018
1. BYC Kickoff
2. SPYC Fall Bay/Ted Irwin Memorial
3. DIYC Egmont Key
4. DIYC Keelboat Regatta
5. DIYC Commodores’ Cup
6. NOOD (Sailing World)
7. PAG Crown Cars
8. SPYC Pusser’s Rum Cup
9. Suncoast Raceweek
Sept 22-23, 2018       WL for Spin
Oct 13, 2018            WL for Spin
Nov 10, 2018
Dec 15, 2018            WL for Spin
Jan 12-13, 2019        WL for Spin
Feb 15-16-17, 2019    WL for Spin
March 9, 2019
April 6, 2019
April 12-13-14, 2019
Suncoast Raceweek Schedule 2018 4-12       SPYC to BYC
4-13       BYC Race in the Gulf & Return to BYC
4-14  BYC around the Government marks – Finish Lower Tampa Bay 4-19       Awards at DIYC
Spinnaker boats have: 5 WL Regattas and 4 RLC
All other classes have: