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Janie Finck
Entertainment Committee Chair

This committee, which functions under the supervision of the Vice Commodore, is responsible for planning and organizing entertainment for the Club membership.  The Entertainment committee coordinates the scheduling of its various activities with the House Committee and other appropriate committees, Club officers and staff members.  This committee is required to report at each regular Board meeting. The Entertainment Committee Chair also serves as an active member of the Board of Directors. 
Janie Finck was born in South Gate, California and came to Florida by way of Oklahoma & Georgia.  Before moving to Miami, Florida where she finished high school and went on to college, Janie went to Europe and lived in The Netherlands before moving back to the states.  She met Bob in St. Petersburg, Florida and they married in 1977. Janie and bob have 3 sons, Bobby, Jeffery & John, and have 4 wonderful grandchildren, Annabelle, Berkeley, Brice & Clark!  They lived in St. Petersburg until 1996 then we moved to Bradenton once the kids were grown and off on their own.  They down sized their home in lieu of more land for all our animals!!
Janie and Bob were looking for a club to join because they had belonged to Lakewood Country Club (now St. Pete CC) for many years and missed the fun of belonging to a club.  When Janie came to the Bradenton Yacht Club and took a tour, she knew right away it was the club for them!!  Even though they are not boaters, everyone was so friendly and the atmosphere was so relaxed; it fit them perfectly!  Janie and Bob joined in about 2001, but it was not until Janie joined the membership committee at Evan Guido's urging that they really got involved and started to meet many great friends!!  It has been off to the races since then!  They absolutely love the Club!
Bob & Janie both enjoy spending time with their family and many animals and, of course, all the many activities and events at the BYC!!